Ankur Mishra

It is very easy to curse your luck, lack of resources and blame it all on fate when you’re faced with arduous situations that life throws at you. It takes a man of character to rise above it, to defy all odds and pave the way. That is exactly what Ankur Mishra did. ​ Born and brought up in a small village in UP (Sumerpur, Hamirpur) , life has not always been a bed of roses for Ankur Mishra.
Entrepreneur, Author, Writer, Photographer, Poet and Social Activist are just some of the terms that give us an insight into the life of this ambitious person. An extremely progressive thinker and actioner, he defines dynamism and inculcates it further into the youngsters of today. He has single-handedly spearheaded many digital marketing technology platforms and currently is the Founder/ CEO of Foreantech, a Digital marketing Company. A poet and humorist at heart, he has written four books - Love is still Flirt (Novel), and three poetry books- Kshanik Kahaniyo Ki Virasat, Nai Kitab, Kavishala and he shares sarcasm, politricks and poetry in Social Media. He also reviews new movies and books. If this is not enough Ankur also educates his community, gives TED Talks and technical talks. Ankur speaks as a grassroots expert on politics, technology, and society, and has been a part of numerous seminars. At the end of it, all Ankur has to say is “If I, a predominantly Hindi speaker, can now speak on big stages, write books, blogs and more on such a wide level, anyone can. Alone in an alien city, with barely enough funds to keep me fed, I survived so can you.”
For new and young poets running a community - Kavishala.
Currently he is busy with next project - “Lovers, Labourers and Leaders"

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Lovers Labourers And Leaders 15th Aug'2107

Real and Reel Storyof an Indian

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कविशाला - हिंदी संकलन (Edition 2) 30th July'2017

Edition 2

कविशाला - हिंदी संकलन (Edition 1) Buy Now

Edition 1

Love Stil Flirt Buy Now

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Ankur Mishra - An entrepreneur at heart, he is one of those people who bridges the gap between the techs and the non-techs, that is to say he loves helping non-techs "get" the web and do more business using it.His skills combine user experience, design and development - all with an understanding of business requirements.
Ankur is also worked with Microsoft and many other Startups.
He loves trekking around cities/travelling, writing and reading the poetry and novels. Speaker-TedxPatna, Ignite Jaipur, Microsoft Techdays, UEN Summit, C# Corner etc.